Learning Behaviours

An agreed set of Learning Behaviours for our school are taught and applied across the school. We want the children at our school to become more independent learners by developing thinking and learning skills such as determination, curiosity, cooperation and critical thinking. We want the children to realise that their ability is not fixed or predetermined, but that it can grow and develop with effort, application and perseverance. We want to teach the children skills that will enable them to learn effectively and achieve well.

 Our 6'C's Learning Behaviours are Collaboration, Commitment, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Curiosity and Courtesy.

Our Learning Heroes – meet the St. Peter’s 6C mascots


We would like to introduce you to the newest members of our school:

Our Learning Behaviours



Collaborative Learners work together, ask for help when it is needed and help others.


This reminds us to stick with a task, seeing it through to the very end.


To be Creative Learners the children are encouraged to think in different ways, use their imagination and develop their ideas.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinkers notice everything, think before they act, try things in another way and take time to reflect.


Our Curiosity mascot asks lots of questions: Who? When? Where? Why? What? How? He inspires our children to try new things, use their imagination and ask questions.


Be polite and remember to say please and thank you. Listen to others and respect their ideas. Show kindness towards others