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Peer Mediators

In Years 5 and 6, children have the opportunity to apply to be part of our Peer Mediation team. This is an important role in St Peter’s that ties in with our mission statement and school values. Peer Mediators develop their understanding that we are called to treat every person with love and respect, which forms the foundations for Peer Mediation. Catholic Social Teaching also calls on us to work to avoid conflict. We must protect the right to a calm school environment by finding increasingly effective ways to prevent conflicts, and where they do occur to resolve them by peaceful means.

This programme provides pupils with pathways to develop their ability to lead, and to do good in the school community. Peer Mediators support their peers who may find themselves in minor conflict to reach peaceful agreements without teacher intervention. Pupils trained as Peer Mediators can step up as leaders and role models, becoming “Ambassadors of Social Justice” in modelling and promoting the importance of kindness, fairness, empathy and respect for all.


Our Peer Mediator team 2023