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Vision & Mission

St Peter's School Vision

"Walking hand in hand with God to make our world a better place"

St Peter's School Mission Statement

"Walking hand in hand with God, loving Him, loving each other and loving ourselves, doing the best with the gifts He gave us to make our world a better place"

The Governors' Vision Statement is to

  • Educate our children through the Gospel values of Christ in an environment where Christ is the foundation of our educational efforts, at the heart of all we are striving to achieve, in every aspect of school life

  • Provide a safe, inclusive learning environment where respect and caring attitudes flourish so that everyone in our community feels valued and supported, where there are consistent high expectations of behaviour with clear rules, rewards and sanctions

  • Offer a broad exciting curriculum where our children are encouraged to develop enquiring minds and a thirst for knowledge and where commitment and resilience are promoted so that children are inspired to be ambitious and aspirational with their learning

  • Achieve high standards in all areas of learning and teaching, in an atmosphere of high expectation so that our children are inspired, motivated and challenged to do their best and to reach their own potential

  • Work closely in partnership with our parents, carers and the wider community, to share and celebrate the successes of the school

  • Ensure the well-being of all our staff enabling them to achieve their full potential through effective communication, management of workload and a structured programme of professional development