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Extra Curricular Clubs

The staff at St. Peter’s run an extensive range of extra-curricular activity clubs where children have the opportunity to develop skills and take part in activities they are passionate about. 

Each term staff will advertise the clubs they are offering and children are expected to collect a letter from the staff member running the club to show their interest.  The onus is on the children to find the teacher and request a letter if they want to attend the club as we are keen to encourage their independence and organisational skills!   Children will then be informed if they have been offered a place.  Where clubs are popular, a waiting list will be held and your child informed when they have received a place.  Below is a timetable of our current Extra-Curricular activities (please note this list is subject to change and update).

Extra Curricular Clubs 2023-2024

We also have a number of extra-curricular activity clubs at our school that are run by outside providers, such as KS1 and KS2 football on Wednesdays. For further info please contact CM Sports 02392 987881 or book online on www.cm-sports.co.uk