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School Timings

Morning Drop-Off Procedures

Key Stage 2 children can be dropped off at the North Playground from 8.30 am. The gates to the South Playground open at 8.30 am but you must wait with your child until the bell goes at 8.50 am. If you need to drop off your children earlier than 8.30 am then they should be booked into Breakfast Club. The charge for this is £2.00 per child from 8 am including breakfast.

Afternoon Procedures

The school day finishes at 3.15 pm when Key Stage 1 children are collected from the South Playground (to the right of the school) and Key Stage 2 pupils will be in the North Playground (to the left of the school). Please let the school office know of any changes to going home arrangements by 2.15 pm.