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House System

St Peter’s has a House System comprising four houses, each named after a modern-day Saint; St Oscar Romero (yellow house), St John Paul II (blue house), St Mother Teresa (green house) and St Elizabeth Hesslblad (red house).  Pupils can earn house points for exceptional work, outstanding effort, acts of kindness, benevolence and helpfulness, and for other reasons as adult staff may see fit to reward. 

House Points are tallied each week and converted into points (2, 4, 6 and 8) to go onto a termly points accumulator.  At the end of each term the leading house is awarded with the Termly House Shield.  At the end of the school year, the leading house is awarded the House Cup.  Each term, the pupils in the house winning the House Shield get to choose a charity to receive a financial donation from the school, autumn = local charity, spring = national charity, summer = global charity. 

House Captains are elected from Years 6 and 5; House Leaders are elected from other year groups to carry out various roles.